The femenine soul of Rosso35

For a day, but one day only, she became a model.
Caught in the whirlwind of magical Parisian atmospheres, she wore some of the clothes that day after day, she has helped create for her company, Rosso 35.
But Paola Signorelli does not usually like the spotlight.
Her presence, at the Genoese brand, is strong and yet discrete. “By character, I don’t like to show off”, the entrepreneur admits, “I prefer staying behind the scenes”.
Alongside her, in this new and yet fun experience, was Camilla, her adored daughter.
And the sixteen-year-old high schooler, with her very long blond hair and those dreamy eyes that mark all adolescent girls, perfectly played the part. PART
Together with her brother Luca, Paola is at the helm of Rosso 35, a company that in the past few years has carved out an important role for itself on the international playing field.
After studying architecture at Genoa University and still very young, she decided to join the family business, finding her calling.
“I follow production in all its sides: from fabrics to embroideries, dyeing and distribution. I like everything to be curated to the smallest detail and always choose quality”, she explains This is a hard job, but her passion makes everything simpler.
“The air you breathe in our company is also very positive,” she says, “we have a great relationship with everyone who works with us, and the fact we work in a place that has retained a family-business size means everything is based on trust and understanding, which is very gratifying”.
And what about Camilla? “For now, she is studying, she goes out with her friends and loves cinema.” One day, who will tell…

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